about the author


Bob Weir is a former company executive with 25 years in engineering, leadership and management roles in Australia, New Zealand and other countries.

He currently runs a consultancy which has advised and supported hundreds of small to medium enterprises on all aspects of their business over the last six years. 

Mr. Weir sits on boards of large not-for-profit organisations and has extensive governance experience.  He has a degree in engineering, an MBA (Finance), and studied at Columbia University in New York. He is the author of the small business books “The Under 5 Small Business Guide” and “Success Made Small”.


Public Speaking Requests

If you would like Bob to speak to you, or your business please contact him.  Bob offers particularly attractive rates for charities and those supporting small businesses.


Bob has been offering advice to hundreds of small businesses for over six years through Pinpoint Business. If you would like his advice and support, visit the website.

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If you'd like to chat with Bob about the book, his work with business failures or share your own experiences, please get in touch here.