Success Made Small: A Step-by-Step Guide to Small Business Success

Success Made Small: A Step-by-Step Guide to Small Business Success


Success in business is usually defined in terms of the size of the business — the bigger you are the more successful you must be. However, over 90% of businesses around the world have fewer than five employees. So, you can remain small AND be very successful — it is simply how YOU define success.

This book takes you through the steps to small business success.

As every small business owner knows, your business, family and personal lives connect in ways that don’t apply to bigger businesses. This book takes a holistic view at your small business and most importantly at you, your wellbeing and your happiness in running your small business and how you achieve success, as you define it.

As the owner of a small business you have many roles to fill: marketing manager, strategist, HR manager, lawyer, accountant … and the list goes on. While you can’t be an expert in all these fields, you can learn the key factors for each role, and how to make the parts work together to achieve your business and personal goals.

You’ll learn:

  • Caring for yourself

  • How to set, track and achieve your long-term goals

  • The importance of setting out what your small business stands for

  • The marketing essentials every small business owner must know

  • How to hire, and keep the best people

  • How to set up systems and processes that drive operational excellence

  • How to be a better manager of the finances

  • How to calculate what your small business is worth

  • Where to get funding for your small business

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